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Crazy stuff is happening. Here’s some correspondence with an Iranian friend I met during study abroad:


basically mousavi’s supporters are saying that he did cheat but I don’t think so. mousavi’s supporters just look around them and see rich iranians in north tehran-this really isn’t iran; they represent a very small section of iran’s population. say what you like about ahmadinejad but in four years he has done quite a lot for the rural population and they love him. frankly, i think no one should’ve degraded themselves to voting in such a ridiculous election. by voting you effectively legitimise the regime. pouring out onto the streets complaining about an election that you CHOSE to participate in being rigged to me seems a ridiculous response. just because the candidate you wanted didn’t win doesnt give you the right to complain, if you knew the elections were going to be rigged WHY THE HELL DID YOU PARTICIPATE IN THE FIRST PLACE!? besides iran seems to have forgotten what state it was in when mousavi was PM; im not convinced he is any better than ahmadinejad. ok rant over.


I get that Iran is a religious place — the US is, too — and I get that Western reporters are biased because they are more likely to talk to liberals more than traditionalists, both because it fits into their pre-established narrative and because they’re more friendly to bumbling Westerners, but the polling data seems reallllllly fishy. It seems mathematically impossible for the count to wind up that way, especially given that there are most certainly concentrated pockets of Mousavi supporters and broad areas of Ahmadinejad country. And I do think it’s admirable — if sometimes quixotic — for people to try to vote, and then to protest if they believe that their votes weren’t counted. I don’t know how else people can govern themselves.

Believe me, we have plenty of people in the US who believe that just because they didn’t vote for Obama, they don’t have to respect the fact that he won. It’s ridiculous. Democracy is democracy, not because of who wins, but because of how they win.

And is Mousavi under house arrest?