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This video shows what it would be like if you mixed me with my friend Dan. The aesthetic absolutism and the Midwestphilia are all mine, while Dan contributes the violent impulses, the facial hair, and the storytelling finesse. I’m thinking of grabbing some merch just because it’s been a while since I got a new t-shirt.


I’ve heard some people chattering about some documentary on typographic design. Now they recognize that American Apparel uses Helvetica a lot. Never mind them. A little knowledge can be an annoying thing.

Here’s a cool display of important fonts. Not a perfect ranking, though. I have no idea why Caslon is three spots behind Times.

Thank you


Paul's children book

Paul's children book

Another dude’s got an online outlet. Check it out.

Ah. This is better, isn’t it? The old theme had a recentist attitude, shrinking all my older posts… The only problem is that all my buddies are way down at the bottom of the page. Sometime I’ll learn HTML and CSS properly and make myself something pretty.