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Now this is kind of offensive, right? First, check out the artist’s statement: “I began to imagine Disney’s perfect Princesses juxtaposed with real issues that were affecting women around me, such as illness, addiction and self-image issues.” So in her life, the women around her have had to deal with neglectful husbands, chemo treatments, growing old… and military insurgency? Maybe she’s more worldly than I think she is. All the other images illustrate the absurdity of Disney princesses or some sad truth about the human condition. The Jasmine one just shows that Middle Easterners are violent.

So here’s an obvious issue she could’ve adopted instead: sexual identity/orientation. Think Mulan.



  1. They are all extremes. One has four kids and a husband that doesn’t care, one has cancer, one is getting extensive plastic surgery. You were just offended by the extremes of problems that face a different culture.

    He is not saying that all arabs tote guns, just as he is not saying that all white people have cancer.

  2. The pictures have this formula: “In Disney fantasy-land, Princess X has quality Y. That’s too idealistic. It would expose some truth about her condition to show her in situation Z.” Goldilocks can’t count on her hair because she might get cancer. Cinderella might never find her prince charming and she might wind up lonely in a dive bar. And even if you do find your prince charming, like Snow White, he might end up being an inattentive dick. These are poignant truths about romance and life.

    Jasmine’s picture has to be read this way: “In Disney fantasy-land, Jasmine is a civil, gentle Princess. That’s too idealistic. It would expose a truth to show her firing at American helicopters with her AK-47.” Where’s the poignant truth there? It’s just a caricature of Middle-Easterners/Muslims showing them as extremely violent.

    At best it’s conceptually sloppy artwork. At worst it’s flat-out racist.

  3. ok. I’ll buy your explanation. THough I think it is rapunzel not goldilocks. I don’t know alladin well enough to know Jasmine’s faults, but I buy your explanation.

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