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(So You Think You Can Dance [Season] 5)

H2money blogged about the ultimate summer reality entertainment, so I figured I can, too.

Yeah, Nigel’s going to dish out most of the authoritative criticism on the show, but Mia Michaels will say some insightful stuff, too. Mary provides the oomph, e.g., screaming and scary outfits. I’m surprised Mr. Money didn’t mention the tango-dancing dude duo. The criticisms were like: “I couldn’t tell which one of you was supposed to be the man and which was supposed to be the woman” and stuff like that. It set my sexism alarm bells a-janglin’, that’s for sure.

It also set off my you-don’t-know-that-much-about-dance-history alarm bells, too. Tango started out in Buenos Aires as a male-male dance. Text proof. Video aid.

That said, I’m really looking forward to the post-audition part of the show.

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  1. So you think you can dance I Love Love Love this show!!!

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