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So Gingrich is kind of a new character to me, since in the ’90s I was way more into cool amphibians than presidential blow jobs, much less the resulting political scandals. He doesn’t strike me as wise or principled; he contorts and fabricates facts to appeal to the masses’ basest drives: greed and fear.

Gingrich on how Republicans love America, Democrats love terrorists: “There’s this weird pattern, where the Bush people wanted to defend Americans, and were pretty tough on terrorists, and these guys [Holder et al.] are prepared to take huge risks with Americans in order to defend terrorists.”

On how thinking about investigating war crimes is like McCarthy’s paranoid crusade against undercover communists: “What we’re seeing now, in a very sad way, is as bitter a partisan attack on the Bush people, as we’ve seen since the McCarthy era. The degree that they’re putting people at risk for criminal prosecution in America is unprecedented.”

On how defense attorneys willing to defend alleged enemy combatants are actually spies for Jihadist terrorists: “Now, his (captured, maybe-enemy combatant) defense attorney would like you to share with them all the ways in which you’ve spied on terrorists. Which they will then promptly give back to Al Qaeda and other terror organizations.”

A few thoughts:

  1. Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue, punk.
  2. You can’t just “put people at risk for criminal prosecution,” they have to do something illegal for there to be any risk at all. It sounds like he agrees that it looks like the “Bush people” broke laws. Otherwise he wouldn’t think that if we investigated, we might find a basis for prosecution. In hindsight, it seems that Rush Limbaugh’s reaction to the torture memos was the most consistent for the Bush defenders, if also the most monstrous and historically aberrant. “Slapping, sleep deprivation, and a little water on your face can’t be torture.” It’s the only way to pay lip service to the rule of law. If you accept the fact that we tortured, but object that the law shouldn’t be applied to the most powerful people, then there’s not really any argument to be had. We’re just a country that elects a 4-year dictator, and we cross our fingers and hope they don’t figure out a way to extend their term limits.
  3. I would love to hear Gingrich get into the details of why the Lewinsky scandal wasn’t a “bitter partisan attack” but it when you form a bipartisan investigation of Republicans and Democrats who gave torture the thumbs up, it’s just posturing.

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