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From the Oklahoma Republican Party Platform:

Public schools shall not prohibit the Judeo-Christian worldview upon which our country was founded. Public schools shall be prohibited from promoting other worldviews such as, but not limited to, secular Humanism, New Age philosophy, deep ecology, reincarnation, psychotherapy, channeling, transcendental meditation, altered states of consciousness or any occult practice.

There’s a lot going on there. So I’ll limit myself to the most amusing ironies.

  • Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Paine were basically secular humanists. Their views are not to be promoted.
  • This looks like it bans prayer. Maybe in their attempt to prohibit crazy stuff, they accidentally succeeded.
  • Republicans are using their religion as a political force to turn America into a Christian nation. Hamas and Hezbollah use their religion as a political force to turn Palestine and Lebanon, respectively, into Islamic states.

Their views on homosexuals:

We believe that in order to encourage and protect family values, those promoting homosexuality or other aberrant lifestyles, should not be allowed to hold responsible positions over children which are not their own or over other vulnerable persons.

That means they want to prohibit gay people (or their supporters) from being teachers, doctors, nurses, or social workers. Or babysitters. Maybe not even hairdressers.

The Southern strategy benefitted the Republican Party for over 30 years, beginning in 1972 and ending in 2006. It might hurt them for just as long.

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