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… while appearing humane.

What really gets me is the misty-eyed face that Noonan puts on (3:07) when she says “sometimes in life you want to just keep walking,” like her whole life has been spent cutting this gem of folksy wisdom. Like ignoring war crimes is the sagest, lovingest idea she’s ever had. She says she feels bad that a “great nation” like the US has put out these papers, but doesn’t realize that being morally great is in contradiction with torturing people and then lying about it. She acts like a kind, senile, Nazi grandmother.

As for Will, it makes me cringe (and he must be cringing, inside) when he espouses the relativist line, “I don’t think that, and you don’t think that, but these are intelligent people,” as if he really thinks that all that it takes for a theory to be true is for people to believe it. Come on, George. I’ll laugh good-naturedly when you display a comic disconnect with American fashion sense, but take it from me: you don’t wear postmodernism well.


I think it’s ridiculous how much more appropriate Noonan’s comments and composure would have been for Clinton’s impeachment process. When I think of things in life that “need to be mysterious,” sexual relationships of public figures fit in that category much better than rampant lawlessness of elected officials.

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  1. I like Sammy boy’s nixon impression. Pretty good.

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