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From Infinite Jest, page 551 (of the hardcover edition).

… [Pemulis] was wearing the most insolent ensemble he could throw together. He wore maroon paratrooper’s pants with green stovepipe stripes down the sides. The pants’ cuffs were tucked into fuchsia socks above ancient and radically uncool Clark’s Wallabies with dirty soles of eraserish gum. He wore an orange fake-silk turtleneck under an English-cut sportcoat in a purple-and-tan windowpane check. He wore naval shoulder-braid at the level of ensign. He wore his yachting cap, but with the bll bent up at a bumpkinish angle. He looked less insolent than extremely poorly dressed, really.


  1. sounds like a cool dude. I wonder if he knows how much all those articles of clothing cost though.

    • Most of them were borrowed. I know the girl from whom he borrowed the socks demanded that they be laundered upon return.

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