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So here’s how observing stupid Republicans can make you more conservative, in some sense of the word.

from The Washington Independent:

Rep. Hoekstra from Michigan: “I’m watching Neil Cavuto,” said Hoesktra, “and I see [Treasury Secretary] Tim Geithner is talking about how he might be OK with a world currency.” He goes on about how it’s counter to American sovereignty, and that’s un-American. And that it would mean turning our currency over to the UN. It’s actually the IMF who would be in charge of that International Monetary stuff, but an international organization is an international organization is an evil sign of the end-times, right? And it actually doesn’t mean that our currency would be “turned over” to anyone else. Other governments are deciding to diversify their reserves, by relying on an uber-currency (a basket including the dollar, yen, euro, and pound) called Special Drawing Rights — contra Bachmann, not Special Drawing Down Rates — and since the whole subject has to do with the other countries’ decisions, it has nothing to do with Americanness or un-Americanness.

The whole point is that elected dabblers, like Bachmann and her 31 co-horts and -sponsors, that they either A) don’t know what they’re talking about or B) know they’re wrong, but are so utterly convinced both 1) that they constitutents have no clue or curiosity w/r/t international finance and 2) they can score some serious political points with this American/un-American business that they try to pass a Constitutional Amendment about it.

This makes me conservative in the sense that, depending whether I want to go down the A) path or B) path above, you think either the human intellect or the democratic system has limitations.

There’s something to be said for unelected officials.

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