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Ok, so on Talk of the Nation today they’re talking about web sites that review Doctors, privacy issues, etc., and some guy called in and said, “I’m an avid blogger, and I’ve read bad movie reviews before, but I still saw the movie myself and I loved it.” As if there’s no difference between going to a movie and going to see a doctor. As if watching a bad movie is the same thing as being misdiagnosed. TotN has to revamp their idiot-caller screening process.

Also, on some right wing radio show, Tammy Bruce (who? is the proper response) ripped on Michelle Obama today. For growing up poor? For being accused of selling out her blackness? Or was it for telling kids about it? Anyway, if I may Bruce’s opinions as a representative sample of the lesbian, pro-choice, pro-gun, pro-death penalty feminist Republican crowd, our first lady has her work cut out for her. Because, I mean, who was the last President to do well who was married to someone who wasn’t popular with that crowd?

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