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Radio has been soooo hot lately. Yesterday was the WaPo Pentagon correspondent who talked about how it made him feel ill that torture had been committed in his name. Today it was Richard Dawkins, talking about taking on Creationists in MOA. Then, on All Things Considered, they had a guy from the New Yorker talking about DFW.

He read a section of David’s unfinished last book, The Pale King, and it was about this guy filing IRS returns. The character was ruminating about the nature of hell, and about how it certainly wasn’t a place of fire and brimstone, but a more Sisyphusian/bureaucratic hell where, in total isolation, you have to perform rote tasks that require a bare threshold of mental exertion, over and over and over, with “the mind left to its own devices,” I think was his phrase.

Anyway, basically what I do.

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