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The CIA under the Bush Administration destroyed 92 tapes documenting “harsh interrogation techniques.” It might’ve been torture. That means they’re destroying evidence of a possible crime, i.e. obstruction of justice. Bush’s lawyers believe that 20% of the Bill of Rights (the First and Fourth Amendments) don’t apply during the War on Terror.

I appreciate how simple politics is these days. I’ve read about times when emphasis on social justice and human rights were opposed to respect for the Constitution and the rule of law. Now, notwithstanding stuff like affirmative action (another subject for another day), the above-listed principles transmogrify into a giant, intense, politicological fireball headed straight for the war criminals who left office two months ago. The faster and further Obama departs from their flawed legal reasoning, the less he’ll get roasted in the inferno of justice that ensues.

Greenwald breaks it down.


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