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Me: Yeah, she’s compulsively checking on the online screenwriting forum. Some people from her schools have been called to interview, and some have been rejected. She hasn’t heard anything.

B. Matt: Yeah, grad school is the worst. Did I ever tell you that I got an MFA in creative writing?

Me: No, where’d you go?

B. Matt: A little school in North Carolina. Warren Wilson.

Me: Is that like a little hippie college?

B. Matt: Yeah, pretty much.

Me: I think my girlfriend’s favorite poet went there, Matt Hart.

B. Matt: I think I might have graduated with him.

Me: That’s crazy.

B. Matt: Yeah, that’s what I did with my first 10 years out of Mac. I won a fiction prize at Macalester, and I thought, ‘this must be the easiest way to make a living!’ Not so much. I never broke through.

Me: I was watching a David Foster Wallace interview and he said he didn’t recommend creative writing grad school to anyone.

B. Matt: Ha. Actually, my parents used to play tennis with his parents.

Me: *falls over*

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