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Violin Concerto: Finale by Felix Mendelssohn

In this one, there’s a squirrel home alone frantically knitting, sewing, sweeping, and doing all sorts of chores and crafts and running errands until when she comes back from the errands, the kid squirrels are running around and playfully undoing all the work she’d done.

Something by Benjamin Britton

Stupid lazy performance today doesn’t list the pieces they play online, but this one definitely has some hypnosis/involuntary marching aspects to it. I like the idea of a teddy bear using some instrument (a kazoo) to magically control the kid to whom he belongs. I hear the oboe and clarient as a sort of pied pipers and the pizzicato cello/bass as the forced plodding. At the end, the cello eerily keeps plodding along, zombie-like, even after the hypnotic melody has ceased.

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