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Monthly Archives: February 2009

“If you don’t want to think about the Current going off the air, don’t even let that thought entertain you!”

To imagine a certain situation is to entertain a thought. But what she said wasn’t strictly ungrammatical, because thoughts can entertain, too; e.g.:

I’m imagining a psychic cocktail party attended only by two well-dressed attendants — one is labeled “SELF” the other “THOUGHTS” — and they are arguing gentlemanly over who gets to entertain who.

Aristotle said that educated minds can entertain thoughts with believing them — no matter how entertaining the thoughts entertained.


Me: Yeah, she’s compulsively checking on the online screenwriting forum. Some people from her schools have been called to interview, and some have been rejected. She hasn’t heard anything.

B. Matt: Yeah, grad school is the worst. Did I ever tell you that I got an MFA in creative writing?

Me: No, where’d you go?

B. Matt: A little school in North Carolina. Warren Wilson.

Me: Is that like a little hippie college?

B. Matt: Yeah, pretty much.

Me: I think my girlfriend’s favorite poet went there, Matt Hart.

B. Matt: I think I might have graduated with him.

Me: That’s crazy.

B. Matt: Yeah, that’s what I did with my first 10 years out of Mac. I won a fiction prize at Macalester, and I thought, ‘this must be the easiest way to make a living!’ Not so much. I never broke through.

Me: I was watching a David Foster Wallace interview and he said he didn’t recommend creative writing grad school to anyone.

B. Matt: Ha. Actually, my parents used to play tennis with his parents.

Me: *falls over*

well, it’d be a more girly girl talk, but it would go

“stay” by lisa loeb => “start a war” by the national => either A) “white winter hymnal” by fleet foxes or B) “wrestlers” by hot chip.

The clothes are a little flashy.

If I tried this, probability is 2/3 that I’d end up in the ER.

#35 is my favorite.

The Supreme Court upheld a law prohibiting wife- and child-beaters from owning guns.

Cool with me. But then again, I think the right to bear arms is only constitutionally protected insofar as it relates to a militia. Which of course makes me unAmerican in that I don’t think our Constitution protects our heritage of hunting deer or mountain lions or whatever. But I think the “individual gun rights” argument is even more specious than the “penumbra of privacy” theory scholars keep prattling about.

Violin Concerto: Finale by Felix Mendelssohn

In this one, there’s a squirrel home alone frantically knitting, sewing, sweeping, and doing all sorts of chores and crafts and running errands until when she comes back from the errands, the kid squirrels are running around and playfully undoing all the work she’d done.

Something by Benjamin Britton

Stupid lazy performance today doesn’t list the pieces they play online, but this one definitely has some hypnosis/involuntary marching aspects to it. I like the idea of a teddy bear using some instrument (a kazoo) to magically control the kid to whom he belongs. I hear the oboe and clarient as a sort of pied pipers and the pizzicato cello/bass as the forced plodding. At the end, the cello eerily keeps plodding along, zombie-like, even after the hypnotic melody has ceased.

Listen to MPR Classical and imagine cartoon stories that would fit the music.

I think some perverse characteristic of society is communicated in the fact that most of the classical music people hear is packaged with animated features intended for children.