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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Note to future political aspirants: you probably shouldn’t send out racist gift baskets. It’s usually bad form.

You should really think twice if you’re making fun of a group which is already extremely antagonistic to your party.

Really think it through if if it’s a group of people your party has oppressed in the past, and is still relatively economically disadvantaged compared to your own constituent groups.

Yeah, officially offending that group of people might be seen as a backwards, racially insensitive party aggravating antipathies towards a powerless minority.

And if that’s not self-destructive, well, then the press isn’t doing their job.


That bang-de-bang part isn’t copped from Kid Rock, is it? I mean the post-chorus part that starts at 1:14.

Goodness. I feel like Common was drunk while he was recording “Punch Drunk Love,” he seems embarrasingly forthright. He really wants to come inside.

“Sex 4 Sugar” is bangin’. Sex songs that talk about hair are always better. (Hear “Pull my Hair” by Bright Eyes.)

“Gladiator” refers to changing your face like a white chick? Like the Wayans brothers movie?

Here’s hoping there are more magic nuggets in the second listen.